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If you want to see what I've been photographing lately, stop back here often. This is the gallery that I'm constantly updating with new images from all categories of my photography
Barn Swallows ~ juvenilesHenslow"s SparrowHenslow's SparrowHenslow's Sparrow ~ juvenileCarolina WrenCarolina WrenNorthern BobwhiteNorthern BobwhiteGreat EgretRed-headed WoodpeckerCerulean WarblerCerulean WarblerScarlet TanagerRed-eyed VireoVeeryCleveland MetroparksScarlet TanagerWild TurkeyBlue-winged Warbler

Guestbook for RECENT SHOTS
Rich McBride(non-registered)
Some of the nices Bird shots I have seen. Good work.
Stunning images Jim. Well done
Dave Cunningham(non-registered)
Looks like you are making good use of that new lens. Wish I had the Time. Nice work once again Jim
The guestbook is empty.